Since the passing of her mother, Regina Whylly has made it her mission to provide a platform that helps to educate women in every aspect of their lives. 

The passing of her mother from Breast Cancer sent this 20 years Journalism veteran on a mission to provide a space for women to be able to get answers to their life questions. 

She has worked as a reporter for the leading newspaper in The Bahamas and during that time she has interviewed stars such as Fantasia, Brian McKnight and so much more, hosted her own radio show, and produced her own magazine. 

Now she is the Executive Producer and host of her own television show that is being seen by 1/2 billion viewers around the world.

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The Whole Woman Show was created after the death of Regina's mother from Breast Cancer, she was determined that other women would be educated about the things that were going on with their bodies. 

The show has aired in Nassau, Bahamas and now through syndication, The Whole Woman Show will be seen by 1/2 billion viewers via Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Comcast, and Zondra TV Network. 

Zondra TV Network has the largest distribution network on multiple Roku, Amazon, and Apple TV platforms. On The Whole Woman Show, doctors are interviewed and they speak to women about medical issues, lawyers offer legal advice, and women that own their own businesses and are making a difference in their communities, get to tell their stories. 

This season, because of the environment that we are living in and because so many women have lost their jobs, are stuck at home, and need support. The producers will be bringing on coaches and other guests that will offer tips, ideas, and information to help them think outside the box. 

To help them dream and envision how they can use their gifts and talents to supplement their income or maybe just spread their wings and fly and become all they are meant to be.