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Making wise decisions is something that a lot of people think comes naturally...but if you look around the world and a little closer to home it is evident that this is not the case. 
The end of the year is coming up and I have made a decision that instead of getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, I am going to take a step back from everything so that I can now take stock of the year past and figure out where I need to go for the up coming year. 
If you look at the corporate world, this is something they do every year. 
They pretty much shut down their organizations at least a month in advance and begin to take stock and analyze what worked for them, what did not and make decisions on how they are going to make the relevant necessary changes, that will take them to a higher level in the new year. 
So in my thinker, I figure, if this works so famously in the corporate world, why not apply it to my world. 
This therefore means that I am going to step back, look at everything that I have done over this past year, pick it apart to see what worked and what did not and then I am going to make the necessary changes to take me to a higher level for the new year. 
For me, I am going to evaluate the following areas:- 
My personal life, how much time I spent with my family and friends and how valuable was that time spent. 
My business life, how did the business decisions I made impact my business, did I serve my clients to the best of my ability and if not how can I do that better. 
My financial life, because believe it or not, you do have a financial life and if you are self employed it gets better by how well you treat your customers because this can determine if they decide to stay with you for the up coming year or if they recommend you to someone else, thereby creating new business for the new year. 
But far and above all of that, I will evaluate my spiritual life, to see if I was a good Steward with the time allotted me in 2014 and if not, I will make the necessary changes to take me to another level in 2015. 
At the beginning of this article, I spoke about making wise decisions, if you do not take the time to stop at the end of this year and evaluate or examine the year that is ending and find out how you can make better decisions to improve upon your year to come, then the point that I made about wise decisions not being natural will apply to you.

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Ok ladies, listen, I am going to give you all of the instructions on how you can become a Black Opal winner, and if you do not follow instructions and you accost me like you do when I am out and about town, on how you can become a winner, I am going to turn you over my knees... well maybe not that extreme! LOL 
All you have to do to become a Black Opal winner is to print a copy of this flyer and take it to Nicoles in the "Florida Court" on East Street North, this coming Saturday from 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m and you will receive some fabulous Black Opal gifts. Now how simple is that? 
And because Tabatha Porter and the team over at Black Opal is feeling the Christmas Spirit, if you write the names of the three most popular colors of the stick foundation, you will get an additional gift. How cool is that? 
So for all of my ladies that stop me and ask me how to become a winner of some of the most fabulous and affordable makeup in the country, JUST FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS! and yes I am yelling at you:-)



Now anybody who knows me well, know that I make a mean turkey. 
The turkey is seasoned straight through to the bone, stuffed with awesome liver, fried bread and onion stuffing and brown to perfection. 
But you know what, this Christmas, I am feeling like making it just a little bit better, if that is possible, haha! 
I think that I am going to add some natural honey to the outside of the turkey just before it starts to turn brown. 
And for more effect I think that I am going to change up the stuffing by adding raisins and celery. 
While this may not sound like a lot, in the world of cooking this will add a completely different taste to the turkey and the stuffing, thereby giving everyone a little bit of a Christmas surprise.



Listen ladies and gentleman, I know that you are out there running up and down trying to find the perfect Christmas gift. 
Well, let me give you a heads up, we have some of the most amazing Christmas gifts that are locally made and many cases one of a kind, so when you purchase your loved one any of these gift items, in addition to making your loved ones happy, you will be supporting a Bahamian Artist or Artisan. 
For any of the gifts you see here and more give us a call at 225-8053. 
Merry Christmas!


Dot Miller Collection


Piece by Baha Gala


Set by Yvette Jordan


Soap by Rose of Sharon



This coming Sunday 14th, December, 2014, Jacqueline Gibson and the team over at Crowning Glory have planned an awesome evening of FUN, GIVE-A-WAYS, FOOD and above all amazing SHOPPING. 
Yes, ladies, shopping, when you join us on this coming Sunday, you will get the opportunity to have fun and lots of laughs while purchasing Christmas gifts at low, low prices. 
Join us from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Crowning Glory on the brink of the hill Baillou Hill Road after Carpet and Cabinet World on the same side of the road. 
Ladies come Ready to purchase all of your Christmas gifts, there will be saving such as 15% of all weaving hair except Remy, 30% off all bleaching creams, 5% of all intimate wear and more. Anyone making a twenty ($20.00) dollars purchase will be entered to win a fifty ($50.00) dollars gift certificate. 
Merry Christmas from Mrs. Gibson and the team over at Crowning Glory.



Now ladies Christmas is almost here and I know you are thinking about what color you are going to paint your living room, what color rugs you need for the bathroom and so forth and so on. 
But have you thought about what color and type of furniture you want for your living room? 
These beautiful living room chairs and coffee tables are on sale and will suit your decor perfectly. 
To purchase please cal 225-8053.

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Christmas is on the way and we at TWWN know that you have a lot of beautiful new stock that you would like for our readers to purchase...So, all you have to do is shoot us an e-mail at or give us a call at 1-242-225-8053 letting us know that you would like to advertise in our newsletter and we will do everything possible to meet your needs.

The team at TWWN is well equipped to create ads, do interviews to create stories, come out to your stores to take photos and more, give us a call!